Grammar about "Have to", "must", "don’t have to", "mustn’t", "can’t"

تفاوت بین "have to" و "don't have to"

Use have to + base form of the verbs to talk about rules and obligation.

از "have to" برای صحبت از قوانین و اجبار استفاده می کنیم.

Use “don’t have to” to say that there is no obligation or it is not necessary.

از "don't have to" برایبیان عملی که اجباری نیست استفاده می کنیم.

Modals Explanation

Have to

باید (اجبار 100%)

Don’t have to

اجباری در کار نیست. اگر خواستید می توانید انجام دهید اگر نخواستید می توانید انجام ندهید.


Example meaning

You have to buy a grammar book.

تو باید کتاب گرامر بخری.

You have to be on time for your class.

تو باید سر موقع به کلاس بیایی.

You have to respect your parents.

تو باید به والدینت احترام بگذاری.

I don’t have to wear uniform for my classes.

من مجبور نیستم با لباس فرم سر کلاس هایم حاضر شوم. ( می توانم لباس دیگری بپوشم.)

She doesn’t have to turn off her cellphone.

اومجبور نیست موبایل خود را خاموش کند. ( او می تواند گوشی خود را روی حالت پرواز قرار دهد.)

We don’t have to have our ID card with us every day.

ما مجبور نیستیم کارت شناسایی خود را هر روز همراه خود داشته باشیم.


در کجا باید از "must" استفاده کنیم


Use must + base form of the verb to talk about written rule and official ones and obligations.


از "must" وقتی استفاده می کنیم که بخواهیم درباره ی قوانین و مقررات صحبت کنیم. فرق "must" و "have to" این است که از"must" برای قوانین نوشتاری استفاده می کنیم. مثلا اگر یک تابلو در پارک باشد و روی آن نوشته شده باشد که از داخل چمن بیرون بروید، در این تابلو از "must" استفاده شده است.

You must keep off the grass.

The difference between "Can't" and "Mustn't"


mustn’t or can’t

Use mustn’t or can’t + base form of the verb to say something is against the law and it is prohibited.

از "mustn't" یا "can't" برای گفتن قوانینی استفاده می شود که ما از آنها منع شده ایم و حق انجام آن را نداریم.

Some examples with obligations


Example meaning

You must fasten your seat-belt when driving.

وقتی رانندگی می کنید باید کمربندتان را ببندید.

You must wear formal cloth in this office.

شما باید در این اداره لباس رسمی بپوشید.

You must keep your password secret.

شما باید رمزتان را مخفی نگه دارید.

She mustn’t park her car here.

او نباید ماشینش را اینجا پارک کند.

We mustn’t smoke in this cafe.

ما نباید در این کافه سیگار بکشیم.

You can’t use your phone in the class.

شما نمی توانید از موبایلتان در کلاس استفاده کنید.

He can’t talk like that with us.

او نمی تواند اینطور با ما صحبت کند.

Note that the negative of “have to” is “mustn’t”

شکل منفی "have to"

Example Meaning

You have to go to that party.

تو باید به آن مهمانی بروی.

You mustn’t go to that party.

تو نباید به به آن مهمانی بروی.


شکل گذشته ی "must"

The past form of “have to and must” is “had to”

present past

You have to go to that party.

You had to go to that party.

I must go to that party.

I had to go to that party.



برای دسترسی به دروس بیشتر به لینک زیر مراجعه کنید.

گرامر صفر تا صد زبان انگلیسی

لسنینگ از مبتدی تا پیشرفته

لغات زبان انگلیسی به تفکیک موضوع

درک مطلب از سطح مبتدی تا پیشرفته

تمامی موضوعات آیلتس اسپیکینگ پارت یک، دو و سه همراه با جواب


لینک های مرتبط


Should, Shouldn’t گرامر درباره ی

گرامر درباره ی نتیجه گیری (Modals of deduction)

گرامر درباره ی مودال ها

گرامر درباره ی بیان حدس و گمان

گرامر درباره ی گذشته با مودال ها

May, Might گرامر درباره ی 



Question No. 1/9

You ....... apologise; it isn’t necessary.

Question No. 2/9

You ....... tell the boss what happened, or he’ll fire you.

Question No. 3/9

You ....... smoke in here; smoking is not allowed.

Question No. 4/9

I ....... be late. It’s the most important meeting of the year.

Question No. 5/9

Students in many schools ....... have chewing gum.It is against the rules.

Question No. 6/9

Fill the gaps with correct words.

don’t have to must doesn't have to had to has to
Karen can’t stay for the whole meeting. She ....... leave early.
She is not too busy. She has a few things to do, but she ....... do them now.
There was a lot of noise from the street. We ....... close the window.
Steve doesn't know how to turn off the computer, so I ....... show him.
I'm not working tomorrow, so I ....... get up early.
Question No. 7/9

Complete the sentences with a correct word.

doesn’t have to must mustn't don't have to have to
I don't want anyone to know about our plan. You ....... tell anyone.
I can sleep late tomorrow morning because I ....... go to work.
There isn't a lift in the building, so we ....... climb the stairs.
Richard ....... wear a suit to work, but he usually does.
You ....... be a good player that you win all your games.
Question No. 8/9

What are the rules in your house? Use must, mustn't, have to, don't have to.

جهت ضبط صدا روی دکمه بالا کلیک نمایید

Your answer:

Question No. 9/9

What are the important rules in your country but you don't like them or obey them?

word count: 60
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