Identity Theft

Identity Theft
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There are sentences which were extracted from the text. Find the correct sentence to make a meaningful paragraph. Write A, B, C ,….. in the gap. There is an extra sentence.

A She knew exactly what had been stolen. 

B The quicker a loss or theft is reported, the better

C That’s all the time it took for someone to steal Jill’s cash, credit cards and other personal information

D this time for a new phone service.

E They put fraud alerts on all of Jill’s accounts.

F The new account was denied.

G Under U.S. law, if a thief uses your cards before you report them missing, the most you will owe for unauthorized charges is $50 per credit card


Identity Theft – It Could Happen to You

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Jill had heard about identity theft, but she never thought it could happen to her. She was wrong. During a normal workday in December, her wallet was stolen out of her purse. She had left her purse unattended for only a few minutes. ; it was all in her wallet. What did Jill do? First, she got her “things in my purse and wallet” list from a home file. Not only did she have a listing of the contents of her wallet and purse, but she also had photocopies of the front and back of each card in her wallet – credit cards, insurance cards, drivers’ license, rental cards, and others.

Next, Jill called her credit card companies, reported that her credit cards had been stolen, and canceled every card. It was then that she found out that the thief had already been on a shopping spree at the local mall. The new “Jill” had charged over $1000.00 worth of goods on the real Jill’s accounts! Fortunately, Jill was not liable for the purchases.. Many credit card issuers will waive that fee for good customers.

Jill was wise in calling the credit card companies as soon as she discovered that her wallet was missing. . After being contacted, a credit card company puts an immediate stop on the card so that it cannot be used. Jill also contacted the three major credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union. A fraud alert means creditors must contact you before opening new accounts in your name. The fraud alerts worked very well. A week after her wallet was stolen, Jill received a call from a credit card company asking if she had recently applied for a new credit card. The real Jill had not, but the fake Jill, using all of Jill’s real identification, had!

Two weeks after Jill’s wallet was stolen, Jill got a call from a phone company. The phone representative said, “Hi. Is this Jill Smith?” Jill responded, “Yes.” The caller then said she had a woman on another line claiming to be Jill Smith and wanting phone service installed at a home 100 miles from where the real Jill Smith lived. The thief was again using Jill’s personal information and taking on Jill’s identity, Based on the information the phone company employee received, she was able to determine the place from where the thief was calling. Police officers in the area quickly apprehended the thief. Officers found Jill’s wallet and its contents at the address where the new phone service was to be installed. They also found the merchandise that had been charged to Jill’s accounts.



Word Meaning Example

unattended (adjective)

leftalonewithout anyone incharge

Children should not beleft unattendedin the playground.


theamountof asubstancethat iscontainedin something, especially food ordrink

water with a low salt content


legallyresponsiblefor thecostof something

people who are liable for income tax at a higher rate.


without officialapprovalorpermission

the unauthorized use of government funds


to state officially that a right,ruleetc can beignored

She waived her right to a lawyer.


to say that something is not true, or that you do not believe something

I’ve never denied that there is a housing problem.


if the police apprehend acriminal, theycatchhim or her

The police have failed to apprehend the culprits.


برای دسترسی به دروس بیشتر به لینک زیر مراجعه کنید.

گرامر صفر تا صد زبان انگلیسی

لسنینگ از مبتدی تا پیشرفته

لغات زبان انگلیسی به تفکیک موضوع

درک مطلب از سطح مبتدی تا پیشرفته

تمامی موضوعات آیلتس اسپیکینگ پارت یک، دو و سه همراه با جواب


آغاز دوره های آنلاین آموزش زبان توسط استاد خصوصی

اینجا کلیک کنید

ماژیک فسفری

با استفاده از ماژیک فسفری می توانید کلمات و بخش های مهم را برای خود علامت گذاری نمایید و هنگام پاسخ به آزمون از آنها استفاده کنید. برای از بین بردن بخش های رنگی دوباره روی آن کلیک نمایید.

دفترچه یادداشت

هر تعدادی که دوست دارید دفترچه یادداشت ایجاد کنید و نکات مهم را در آن بنویسید.
برای استفاده از دفترچه یادداشت بر روی قسمتی از درس یا آزمون که می خواهید در آنجا نکته ی مهمی را قرار دهید کلیک نمایید.سپس در آن قسمت یک دفترچه یادداشت جدید ایجاد میشود و با کلیک بر روی آن می توانید بازش کنید و نکته های مهم را بنویسید.