Grammar about "infinitive" with some verbs

Verbs + infinitive: want to, need to, ….

فعل هایی که بعد آنها مصدر با "to" به کار میرود

بعد از بسیاری از افعال در زبان انگلیسی مصدر می آید، که این مصدر همیشه همراه "to" است. به بیان دیگر اگر یکی از فعل های زیر در جمله وجود داشت و یک فعل دیگر می خواست بعد از آن قرار بگیرد، آن فعل دوم را باید با (to) بیاوریم. تعداد این افعال زیاد است و باید آنها را حفظ کرد.


These verbs are: want, need, plan, learn, promise, decide, would like and hope


Sentence meaning

I want to be a doctor.

من می خواهم دکتر شوم.

She decided to immigrate to Canada.

او تصمیم گرفت به کانادا مهاجرت کند.

We plan to buy a new house.

ما تصمیم داریم یک خانه ی جدید بخریم.

I promise to do my homework.

قول می دهم تکالیفم را انجام دهم.

He needed to see the doctor.

او نیاز دارد دکتر را ببیند.

They learn to play the guitar.

آنها یادگرفتند گیتار بزنند.

I hope to see you again.

امیدوارم دوباره ببینمت.

I would like to drink some coffee.

می خواهم قهوه بخورم.


Note that the first verb is in charge of the tense, and the second verb in these sentences is based verb with a “to” before that.

Other verbs that require infinitive are as follow:

Would like






توجه داشته باشید فعل اول مسئول زمان جمله است و فعل دوم به شکل ساده و با "to" می آید.


برای دسترسی به دروس بیشتر به لینک زیر مراجعه کنید.

گرامر صفر تا صد زبان انگلیسی

لسنینگ از مبتدی تا پیشرفته

لغات زبان انگلیسی به تفکیک موضوع

درک مطلب از سطح مبتدی تا پیشرفته

تمامی موضوعات آیلتس اسپیکینگ پارت یک، دو و سه همراه با جواب


لینک های مرتبط


Infinitive فعل با تو گرامر درباره ی

Gerund, infinitive, base form گرامر درباره ی

فعل با تو و فعل با آی ان جی

Question No. 1/10

I'd like ....... swimming this afternoon.

Question No. 2/10

promised ....... it by Friday.

Question No. 3/10

She's expected ....... the job.

Question No. 4/10

Would you like ....... ?

Question No. 5/10

فعل های مناسب را در جای خالی قرار دهید.

to come to eat to renew to go to graduate
I decided ....... to my hometown because three of my friends came here before me and missed them.
My wife wants ....... at an Italian restaurant tonight.
Gail expects ....... in spring next term from university.
Corinne needs ....... her passport before she can come back to the U.S.
Hassan plans ....... to a university in California next year.
Question No. 6/10

Complete the gap with the following phrases.

wanted to look / wants to open / planning to create / hoping to see / need to find

I don't know! I'm a website at the same time. It's possible that I'll sell more books on the internet than in the shop!

MINA: He the shop in March.

RAVI: I the right place, of course, but there's an empty shop on Queen Street.

LUCY: Great, but what about you, Mina? You for a new house.

MINA: I know, but I've decided to wait. New houses are so expensive. Later in the year, though, I'm my grandmother in Mumbai. That'll be exciting.

LUCY: Good. Well, it's almost midnight. I hope it will be a great year for all of us!

Question No. 7/10

Put the words in a correct order to form a correct sentence.

(be/ I/ want/ to/ a doctor/ .)

Question No. 8/10

Put the words in a correct order to form a correct sentence.

(planning/ is/ to/ she/ invite/ us/ ?)

Question No. 9/10

What is something you plan to do soon?

جهت ضبط صدا روی دکمه بالا کلیک نمایید

Your answer:

Question No. 10/10

What are some of you hopes for the future?

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