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Read the passage and then decide if the statements below are True or False. Write True or False in the gap

According to the National Cancer Institute breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women in this country (except for skin cancer). Each year more than 211,000 American women learn they have this disease. A mammogram is an important screening tool that can help doctors find and treat cancer early. The test uses a special x-ray machine to take pictures of both breasts.The results are recorded on film that a doctor can examine. Mammograms test for breast lumps and changes in breast tissue that may develop into problems over time.They can find small lumps or growths that a doctor or woman can’t feel when doing a breast exam.

Breast lumps or growths can be benign (not cancerous) or malignant (cancerous).If a lump is found, the doctor will order a biopsy – a test where a small amount of tissue is taken from the lump and area around the lump. The tissue is sent to a lab to look for cancer or changes that may mean cancer is likely to develop. Finding breast cancer early means, that a woman has a better chance of surviving the disease. There are also more choices for treatment when breast cancer isfound early. There are two types of mammograms. Screening mammograms are done for women who have no symptoms of breast cancer. Diagnostic mammograms are done when a woman has symptoms of breast cancer or a breast lump. This type takes longer because more pictures of the breast are taken.

Getting a mammogram is easy and does not take much time. First, you stand in front of a special x-ray machine. Then the person who takes the x-rays (always a woman) places your breasts (one at a time) between two plastic plates. The plates press your breast and make it flat.You will feel pressure on your breast for a few seconds. It may cause some discomfort, feeling like a squeeze or pinch. The breasts need to be flat in order to produce the best possible picture. Most often, two pictures are taken of each breast, one from the side and one from above. The whole process takes only a few minutes.

Women over 40 should get a mammogram every 1 to 2 years. Women who have had breast cancer or those with a family history of breast cancer may need to start having mammograms at a younger age or more often. Talk to your doctor about how often you should get a mammogram. Be aware that mammograms don’t take the place of getting breast exams from a doctor and examining your own breasts. If you find a lump or see changes in your breast, talk to your doctor right away no matter what your age. Your doctor may order a mammogram for you to get a better look at your breast changes.

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Doctors can understand about breast cancer with a help of mammograms.

Lumps in the breasts are the can be a sign of cancer.

Lumps are not always dangerous.

Those with breast cancer have no chance of surviving.

Diagnostic mammogram is easier than screening.

The size of the breast is important in mammograms.

Age and family history are important in being at risk of breast cancer.


Word Meaning Example

except (preposition)

used to introduce the only person, thing, action, fact, or situation about which a statement is not true

The office is open every day except Sundays.

treat (verb)

to deal with,regard, or consider something in a particular way.

Any complaint about safety standards must be treated very seriously.

lump (noun)

a small hard swollen area that sticks out from someone’s skin or grows in their body, usually because of an illness.

You should never ignore a breast lump

Benign (adjective)

a benign tumour (unnatural growth in the body) is not caused by cancer

This tumour is benign. No need to be worried.

malignant (adjective)

a malignant disease is one such as cancer, which can develop in an uncontrolled way and is likely to cause someone’s death

She developed a malignant tumour in her breast.

Survive (verb)

to continue to live after an accident, war,  or illness

Only 12 of the 140 passengers survived. She survived the attack. people who survive cancer

symptom (noun)

something wrong with your body or mind which shows that you have a particular illness

symptoms of diabetes are weight loss and fatigue

discomfort (noun)

a feeling ofslightpainor of being physically uncomfortable

If the exercise causes discomfort, stop immediately


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با استفاده از ماژیک فسفری می توانید کلمات و بخش های مهم را برای خود علامت گذاری نمایید و هنگام پاسخ به آزمون از آنها استفاده کنید. برای از بین بردن بخش های رنگی دوباره روی آن کلیک نمایید.

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برای استفاده از دفترچه یادداشت بر روی قسمتی از درس یا آزمون که می خواهید در آنجا نکته ی مهمی را قرار دهید کلیک نمایید.سپس در آن قسمت یک دفترچه یادداشت جدید ایجاد میشود و با کلیک بر روی آن می توانید بازش کنید و نکته های مهم را بنویسید.