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I: With us today on 'All in a day's work' we have Allan Nicholls, station officer at Hove Fire Station, who's here to talk about the job of the much-respected fire-fighter. Allan, the first thing I'd like to ask you is about the selection procedure. What do you have to do in order to become a fire-fighter?
AN: Well, as you can imagine, it's a fairly rigorous process,
with a variety of different tests. Whilst we don't insist on any academic qualifications, potential recruits do have to undergo a short educational test, aimed at assessing basic literacy and numeracy, or in other words, reading, writing and arithmetic. surprisingly for some, you no longer have to be a minimum height. Instead, there are a series of physical tests, designed to measure such things as how tightly they can grip things, or whether their back and legs are sufficiently strong. if they get through this stage they go on to the next one, the practical awareness day which involves fitness tests, checks to see if claustrophobia is a problem and practical task such as ladder climbing.
I: And are women accepted into the force?

AN: Ah yes, indeed, though they are still very much in the minority.
At the moment here at Hove we have four women on the workforce.
I: Now, fire-fighters are obviously on call 24 hours a day,
but perhaps you could tell us how the shift system operates.
AN: Well, there's an eight-day rota.
A fire-fighter works two nine-hour day shifts, followed by two 15-hour night shifts. And then of course we get four days off before starting again. It's a continuous cycle.
I: And what characterizes a typical shift?

AN: We always begin with the Watch Parade,
which is where one shift finishes and the next begins. This is a fairly formal affair and it's compulsory for everyone to wear full uniform,and then once the various jobs have been detailed for the shift, there are equipment checks. The breathing apparatus, for example, is a vital piece of equipment and lives can depend on it, so, it's essential that this and everything else is maintained in perfect working order. Nothing escapes attention, including of course the fire engines which also have to be checked from top to bottom. And then after that, if we're not called out to a fire there's the routine work which is programmed into the day. That can be anything from training to the more everyday jobs of cleaning and maintenance. Fitness of course is extremely important, so we also have a kind of mini gym where we work out every day.
I: Many listeners have phoned in saying they would like to know when your busiest period is.

AN: Well, we don't really have a 'busiest period,'
espite the fact that most people might think it’s November 5th,Guy Fawkes night. We do, however, tend to be busier in the evening, rather than during the day. That's the time when shops and other business premises are left unattended and also when most people are at home, cooking and so on, and as you might expect, the majority of fires are domestic ones. It's worth pointing out that the fires themselves often take only minutes to put out, whereas clearing up afterwards can take several hours. We have to do everything necessary to prevent the danger of a fire re-igniting,so that means taking all the floors up, getting flammable things like carpets out of the building, and so on.
I: Fire-fighting is obviously dangerous work, Allan.
Do you ever feel fear?
N: Any fire-fighter who said that he had never felt frightened would be fooling himself and you.
But it's all a matter of control.t's what we've been trained for and we learn to control feelings such as rear. But rather than the danger and the drama of the job it's very satisfying being out on the street, knowing that you're helping the public. There's also the camaraderie which goes with working as part of a team. I certainly don't think I'd be able to do any other job.

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Potential recruits are not required to have any

They do not have to satisfy any requirements.

However, there are tests to measure the strength of their

Hove Fire Station currently employs women.

After working a series of day and night shifts firefighters have

At the Watch Parade they have to

Then they carry out a thorough inspection of the as well as the equipment.

Most call-outs occur during

Firefighters can spend clearing up after a fire.

Being a firefighter is a job.


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