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Reading and use of English

Multiple matching part 7

You are going to read an article in which four people talk about their lifestyles. For questions 1–10 , choose from the people ( A–D ). The people may be chosen more than once.


How to go about it

- Read all the questions to see the kind of information you are looking for.

- Read section A, then look again at the questions, answering any that you can.

To help you, one part of section A has been underlined. Match this part to one of the questions. Then look in the rest of section A for any more answers.

- Do the same for the other three sections. Underline the relevant parts of the text as you answer the questions.

If there are any questions you have not answered, scan the whole text again looking for the information you need.

Write A,B,C or D in Capital in the gap ANSWER THE QUESTIONS

Question No. /

Which person

1 admits to having an untidy house?

2 could not imagine doing any other type of work?

3 likes the unpredictable nature of their work?

4 is not particularly keen on taking exercise?

5 says they start the day like many other people?

6 does not have to go far to get to their place of work?

7 never has any trouble getting to sleep?

8 used to feel lonely while working?

9 says that people have the wrong idea about their work?

10 would prefer to go to bed earlier on many occasions?

This is your life

Four more personal accounts in our series on different lifestyles


AColin Dobson: television and stage actor

Normally I get out of bed around midday. I’ll sometimes go for a run after I get up, though it’s not really my idea of fun. I’m not a fitness fan , but I realize it’s important.

When I’m not rehearsing or on tour, afternoons usually involve reading scripts or learning lines. My wife and two sons are also actors, so at home there are usually scripts lying all over the place. It’s a bit of a mess, I’m ashamed to say. I’m passionate about history, and if I’m working away from home, I spend the afternoons in museums or historic buildings. I always get to the theatre at the last minute, which annoys my co-actors, but I don’t like arriving anywhere early.

After a performance I eat and spend a few hours unwinding, so bedtime is often two or three in the morning. I always fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.


Jodie Miller: potter

Before I started renting the workshop at the open-air museum, I would crawl out of bed in the morning, get dressed and go straight into the garage, which I’d converted into a studio. Now I get the train and a bus, so I have to get up early and my morning routine is dull and conventional, the same one that’s played out in millions of households.

On the plus side, though, I get to meet lots of people: there are the museum visitors that come into the workshop every day to watch me working, the other craftspeople – the broom maker, the blacksmith or the glassblower – and I also give classes. Working at home was a solitary business and I hated the fact that I would often go for days without speaking to anyone.

I get lots of requests for personalized mugs, and evenings are spent packaging up orders to send out the next day. I often get to bed later than I would like.


CJanie Collins: farm vet

I used to have a dog and we’d go running together most mornings, but I gave him to my mum in the end. I tend to be out all day visiting farms and it wasn’t fair to leave him alone. So now I don’t get as much exercise as I’d like to.

I love my job, especially the variety and not knowing what you’ll be doing from one day to the next. But being a vet – any type of vet – is not what people think. It’s not all cuddly lambs and cute little pigs. We have to do some pretty unpleasant things sometimes, things which would put you off working with animals for life.

My mum wants to know when I’m going to settle down with someone, but there’s no room for a dog in my life, so I don’t see how I’ll be able to fit marriage in.


DMark Fudge: fisherman

My flat overlooks the port, so it’s just a short walk to the Ellie May. That’s our boat, the place I think of as home. I get lonely if I’m away from her for longer than a week or so – the crew is like a family to me.

I’m one of four deckhands, which means that the first mate – the second in command after the captain – gets us to do cleaning and maintenance work as well as pulling in the nets, then washing, salting, icing and storing the fish. We work hard – six hours on, six hours off, six hours on, six hours off – every day for seven weeks. It’s tough, but I can’t see myself in any other profession. There’s nothing else I’d rather do.

Reacting to the text TALK ABOUT IT

If you had to choose, which of the four people would you prefer to change places with for a month? Why?

Important words of this Session: MEMORIZE THE WORDS

1rehearsing : practising

2a bit of a mess : a little messy and not neatly arranged

3I’m ashamed to say : I feel embarresed to say

4passionate about : love

annoy : to make someone feel slightly angry and unhappy about something SYN irritate

6unwind : relax

7fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow : no problem sleeping

8crawl out of bed : get out of bed with difficulty because you are tired or ...

9convert into : change into

10dull and conventional : boring and usual

11On the plus side : from the favorable view

12solitary : the state of being alone

13personalized : to design or change something so that it is suitable for a particular person

14 variety : the differences within a group, set of actions etc that make it interesting

15 cuddly : lovely

16 put you off : to make you dislike something or not want to do something

17 settle down : to start living a quiet and calm life in one place, especially when you get married

18 overlooks : if a house, room etc overlooks something, it has a view of it, usually from above

19 maintenance : the repairs, painting etc that are necessary to keep something in good condition

غیر قابل پیش بینی
feel lonely
احساس تنهایی
would prefer
ترجیح دادن
I'm not a fitness fan
من طرفدار تناسب اندام نیستم
تمرین کردن
فیلم نامه
bit of a mess
کمی آشفتگی
passionate about
پرشور در مورد
as soon as my head hits the pillow
به محض اینکه سرم به بالش برخورد کرد
crawl out
go straight
مستقیم برو
converted into
تبدیل شده به
خسته کننده
on the plus side
از طرف دیگر
broom maker
جارو ساز
personalized mugs
لیوان های شخصی
tend to
تمایل به
put you off
کنار گذاشتن
settle down
سرو سامون گرفتن
in command
در فرماندهی
It's tough
سخت است

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