how to talk about Live performance and music

فصل دوم کتاب اف سی ای، چگونه درباره ی اجرای زنده و موسقی صحبت کنیم؟
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2High energy

Reading and Speaking
Look at the photos and read about the shows. Talk with your partner about how much you think you would enjoy each of the shows, giving reasons. Then agree on one show which you could both see together.


An innovative musical show that brings to life some of the world’s best-loved pieces of classical music. But Pagagnini is more than just a concert: the musicians dance, laugh, cry and generally clown around in one of the most original comedy acts of the moment.


Rhythm of the Dance
This two-hour dance and music extravaganza contains a wealth of Irish talent. The show relives the journey of the Irish Celts throughout history, combining traditional dance and music with the most up-to-date stage technology.


Cirque Éloize – iD
Sixteen artists on stage, thirteen circus disciplines, and a world of urban dances such as breakdance and hiphop. The rock, electronic and poetic music, together with the presence of video, highlight the show’s playful, energetic, and youthful aspects. Jeannot Painchaud (Director)


Tap Dogs
Tap Dogs are currently taking the world by storm with their tap show that combines the strength and power of workmen with the precision and talent of tap dancing.

Vocabulary 1: Music

Question No. /

1 a How many of the musical instruments in the photographs can you name?

b All the words in each of the groups below can be used in combination with one of the words in the box. Write an appropriate word from the box in each of the gaps. There is an example at the beginning (0).

1- play (v)
2- rock
3- lead (adj)
4- on
5- in
6- instrument
7- live (adj)
8- a song
9- musician

Example : rock singer/ band/ star

Question No. /

1 vocalist/ singer/ guitarist

2 sing / perform/ mime

3 talented/ rock/ session

4 tour / stage / the radio

5 a track / a tune / a record

6 album / performance / music
7 the charts / concert / tune
8 percussion /wind / stringed

Study the word combinations in exercise 1b for two minutes. Then cover the exercise. How many word combinations can you remember? DO IT

3 Work in small groups. You are on the organizing committee for a local charity and you want to raise money. Here are some events which have been suggested.

a: A classical music concert given by a local orchestra
b: A sale of second-hand CDs and records
c: A talk given by a local jazz musician
d: A series of music workshops led by local musicians.
e: The auction of an electric guitar donated by a world famous rock star
Discuss how successful you think each event would be. Then decide which two events would raise the most money. TALK ABOUT IT


Listening 1 PART 2

Sentence completion

a Read these Listening Part 2 instructions and the What to expect in the exam box.

What to expect in the exam
- The words you read in the question may not be the same as the words you hear in the recording, e.g. Question 1:
You read : Jim recommends Pagagnini to …
You hear : I can guarantee … will enjoy watching these four guys.
- However, the word(s) you need to write are actually heard in the recording.
- You may hear information which could fit the gap but does not answer the question.
e.g. In question 2 below you will hear the names of two places mentioned. Listen carefully to ensure you choose the right one.
- You do not need to write more than three words for each answer.
- Minor spelling errors can be made (e.g. musicall) but the words must be recognizable.

b Read questions 1–10 and, as you do so, discuss the type of information you might need to write for each one.
Example : 1 This is probably a person or a group of people.
c Listen to the recording twice and complete the sentences.

Hello, Jim Dunne here, with a look at what's on in the area this coming week. And I'm delighted to be able to tell you that Pagagnini is in town, with its own special mix of music and comedy. It's great fun and I can guarantee the whole family will enjoy watching these four guys. They play all those bits of classical music that everyone knows, but sometimes can't put a name to - and they have a laugh at the same time. Pagagnini is actually based in Madrid, but the show tours a lot and I was lucky enough to see it last year with my wife and our two girls when we were in Mexico. They're a really versatile bunch of musicians. At one point, they start using their violins and cellos as guitars, mandolins and even percussion instruments. And they move away from classical into rock, blues and country and western. Very impressive and we're all looking forward to seeing them again. They're on stage for about ninety minutes, but it's a very intense hour and a half, I can tell you. It's exhausting just watching them, and they don't stop for an interval, either. Now, for those of you who like Irish dancing there's Rhythm of the Dance at the Apollo Theatre. Most of you will know about Riverdance, which began way back in 1994 - at the Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin, curiously enough. But Rhythm of the Dance goes back a long way too. It started out just five years later in 1999 in Norway. It's a similar kind of thing: the traditional music, the step dancing and so on, but there's a theme running through it. It's a kind of history of the Irish Celts. I haven't seen it yet, but I certainly will do - they're clearly very popular. It says here in the publicity that Rhythm of the Dance has played to live audiences totalling well over four million in no fewer than forty-four countries. And if you want to find out more about the show, go to their website. There isn't any Reviews section to look at there, but if you click on where it says 'Photo gallery' you get a pretty good idea of what to expect. Now, the circus is back in town. Not just any circus, but the hugely talented Cirque Eloize from Canada. They're at the Regent Theatre again. The show's called iD and it promises to be every bit as good as the one they put on the first time they were there. That one was called Rain - as in, the wet stuff that falls from the sky. And there was plenty of water on stage, as you'll remember if you went to see it. Now I've been looking at the video for iD on the show's website and I can tell you it has a totally urban setting. There's hip-hop and breakdance, electronic music and rock, and some of the artists moving around the stage on bikes and Rollerblades". There are no animals, and no clowns, either. It's not your traditional kind of circus. And judging from the press reviews, it's well worth going to see. One that I have here in front of me says that it's an excellent show, full of originality, energy and excitement. And if you want even more energy, then those Australian tap dancers, the Tap Dogs are on their way. They'll be at the Orion from Wednesday ...
Question No. /

Jim recommends Pagagnini to the (1)
Jim saw a Pagagnini concert last year in (2)
As well as classical music, Pagagnini play rock, blues and (3)
Jim says the Pagagnini show has no (4)
The first performance of Rhythm of the Dance was in (5) in Norway.
More than (6) people have seen Rhythm of the Dance live on stage.
Jim suggests listeners look at the section entitled (7) on the Rhythm of the Dance website.
The name of the first show that the Cirque Éloize performed at the Regent Theatre was (8)
Some performers in iD appear on (9) and Rollerblades™.
One review of iD says it is full of originality, energy and (10)

2 Having listened to Jim Dunne, do you feel the same about the different shows as when you did the Reading and Speaking activity? Why/Why not? TALK ABOUT IT PLEASE


clown around
دلقک بازی
زیاده خواهی
throughout history
در طول تاریخ
up-to-date stage
استیج به روز
lead vocalist
خواننده ی پیشرو
mime a song
لب زدن یک آهنگ
session musician
موزیسین جلسه ای
play a tune
نواختن یک آهنگ
in the charts
در لیست بهترین اهنگ ها
in tune
percussion instrument
آلات موسیقی ضربی
wind instrument
آلات موسیقی بادی
stringed instrument
آلات موسیقی تاری
local charity
خیریه ی محلی
raise money
پول جمع کردن
second hand
دسته دوم
اهدا کردن
urban dances
رقص های شهری
poetic music
موسیقی شاعرانه
with the presence of
با حضور
I'm delighted
من خوش حال هستم
همه فن حریف.ماهر

آغاز دوره های آنلاین آموزش زبان توسط استاد خصوصی

اینجا کلیک کنید

ماژیک فسفری

با استفاده از ماژیک فسفری می توانید کلمات و بخش های مهم را برای خود علامت گذاری نمایید و هنگام پاسخ به آزمون از آنها استفاده کنید. برای از بین بردن بخش های رنگی دوباره روی آن کلیک نمایید.

دفترچه یادداشت

هر تعدادی که دوست دارید دفترچه یادداشت ایجاد کنید و نکات مهم را در آن بنویسید.
برای استفاده از دفترچه یادداشت بر روی قسمتی از درس یا آزمون که می خواهید در آنجا نکته ی مهمی را قرار دهید کلیک نمایید.سپس در آن قسمت یک دفترچه یادداشت جدید ایجاد میشود و با کلیک بر روی آن می توانید بازش کنید و نکته های مهم را بنویسید.