Vocabulary 3: Animals

1 a Complete each of the gaps with the names of animals from the box to complete these well-known similes. The first one has been done for you.

bat     bee    fox    lamb    lion    mouse   mule   owl    OX    peacock 

1 as stubborn as a mule               6 as proud as a        

2 as blind as a                              7 as quiet as a          

3 as busy as a                               8 as gentle as a          

4 as cunning as a                          9 as strong as an        

5 as brave as a                               10 as wise as an         

Do you know any people who could be described using one or more of the similes above? Give details.                                                                                          ··


My brother's as stubborn as a mule. Even when he knows he's wrong, he won't change his mind or do things differently. Last weekend, when I asked him to ...

2 Complete these expressions using the names of the animals from the box.

bear       cat    dog     fish    fly     frog    horse

1 She's so kind and gentle. She wouldn't hurt a _________ _

2 I'm so hungry I could eat a ________ _

3 I know you're upset about splitting up with Gary, but there are plenty more____ in the sea.

4 My two kids fight like _________ and _________ all the time.

5 I was so pleased to see him again, I rushed up and gave him a big _____________ hug.

6 I'm sorry I can't speak any louder. I've got a ____________ in my throat.

3 Match each of these groups of nouns to an animal from the box.

bird      cat      fish     horse 

a                                     b                                 C                       d                             

feathers                          gills                            whiskers              hooves 

beak                                scales                          paw                    tail 

wings                              fin                              fur                        mane 

Discuss the following with your partner, giving reasons for your answers.

Which of the animals in exercises 1 and 2:

  • makes the best pet?
  • is the most useful to humans?
  • makes the most noise?
  • is the ugliest?
  • is the most attractive?
  • is your favourite?

Speaking 1

Part 3

Collaborative task

What to expect in the exam

In Part 3 of the Speaking test, the examiner explains the first task and gives you 15 seconds of silent preparation time. You then have two minutes to discuss the task with your partner.

At the end of the two minutes, the examiner explains the second task and gives you a further minute to complete it.

When you do the following Speaking Part 3 tasks, practise keeping to these time limits.

1  Imagine that a school is organizing its annual Careers Day, on which people from different professions inform school leavers about the jobs they do. The jobs below all involve working with animals. Talk with your partner about what you think are the good and bad points about doing these jobs.

What are the good and bad points about doing these jobs?

Pet shop owner

Dolphin trainer


Horse jockey

Police dog handler

2    Now decide which two jobs school leavers would be most interested to hear about.

Useful language

One good/bad thing about this job is ..... .

The best/worst thing about this job is .... .

On the plus/positive side, you can/don't have to ... On the minus/negative side, you can't/have to ...

It must be very rewarding/pleasant/tiring/unpleasant to ...

You have to spend a lot of time grooming/cleaning/working ...

Speaking 2


Further discussion 

Discuss the following questions with your partner.

  • Do you think it's useful to have a Careers Day in schools?
  • What else can schools do to prepare young people for the world of work?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of students having a part-time job while they're still at school?
  • What things do you need to think about when choosing a career?
  • What can young people in your country do to increase their chances of finding a job?
  • Rather than stay in one job after leaving school or college, some people think it's better to try out a number of different jobs. Do you agree?

آغاز دوره های آنلاین آموزش زبان توسط استاد خصوصی

اینجا کلیک کنید
نظرات کاربران

ماژیک فسفری

با استفاده از ماژیک فسفری می توانید کلمات و بخش های مهم را برای خود علامت گذاری نمایید و هنگام پاسخ به آزمون از آنها استفاده کنید. برای از بین بردن بخش های رنگی دوباره روی آن کلیک نمایید.

دفترچه یادداشت

هر تعدادی که دوست دارید دفترچه یادداشت ایجاد کنید و نکات مهم را در آن بنویسید.
برای استفاده از دفترچه یادداشت بر روی قسمتی از درس یا آزمون که می خواهید در آنجا نکته ی مهمی را قرار دهید کلیک نمایید.سپس در آن قسمت یک دفترچه یادداشت جدید ایجاد میشود و با کلیک بر روی آن می توانید بازش کنید و نکته های مهم را بنویسید.